The RINK Hockey Academy is looking for families in Kelowna, BC and Lake Country area who are interested in becoming a Billet Family for the upcoming 2022-23' season.

Billet families play a major role in the overall well-being and success of our student-athletes. Billet families provide a sense of home to our athletes who are coming from across the country and overseas. Billet families are responsible for providing transportation if necessary, food, and more importantly a place to live with an great family and loving home.

Our student-athletes are required to help out with the family, be respectful and considerate of all. This can be an overwhelming experience for many student-athletes, but opening your doors to them and cheering them on through their success is priceless to our academy.

RINK Hockey Academy has a dedicated Billet Coordinator who facilitates the process of placing our athletes in a safe and supportive environment to live in during the school year (September-June). The billet coordinator also supports the billet family throughout the year, ensuring athletes maintain respect and abide by the guidelines set out by the RINK Hockey Academy program.

After speaking to a number of current Billet Families read about their experience hosting RINK Hockey Academy student-athletes for a school year:

Rohatensky Families journey of becoming a billet family!

How can we make a difference in our community? In which way can we give back? Do we even have the time? Between our work, family and our family farm, could we add more?

These are common questions that individuals ask themselves, but being parents of 4 high performance sport athletes, adds another level to those questions. Sport has been front and centre throughout our lives, from past previous competitive hockey, coaching, raising athletic children, parent volunteering and so on, should we do more, and if so, are we crazy?

It was through hearing of an opportunity through a friend, we heard about RINK Academy. They were hosting a young fellow and was enjoying the experience with their billet. Having girls at home, from 10-14, it was often joked that a “brother” would equal out some family dynamics! It was then, we were blessed to come across this beautiful opportunity and journey of becoming a Billet Family”. Having a previous billeting experience growing up, we understood how special this could be, being able to forge possible similar bonds as our billet brother in Demark celebrating 25 years of friendship this year.  

Upon a quick enquiry and connecting with the Billet Coordinator, Wendy, it was clear that this was an adventure not to be missed. Not only did we welcome one “billet brother”, but two!  They slotted into our family smoothly and our lives have grown for the better as they have been respectful, wonderful young men, excelling in their craft. This has been the best decision as a family to pay-it-forward not only for sport, but to enrich all our lives as one big family as a whole. With all the dynamics and wild ride life has offered, it has been nothing short of amazing! 

- Rohatensky Family (U-15 Prep Billet Family)

Jones-McKinley shares hockey journey with Billet Children!

I have had the opportunity to be a billet parent for the last 3 years, and it has been a rewarding experience on so many levels.  Watching the commitment these young ladies make to bettering themselves has been such a gift.  I am humbled that they allowed me to share in their journey as they pursue their hockey and academic goals.  There is no shortage of laughter, and I have loved the energy all of my billet daughters have brought to our home,  I love hearing from the girls that are in the next phase of their lives, and am grateful I partnered with RINK hockey academy to support these girls.

- Jones-McKinley Family (U18 Female Prep Team)


To inquire about being a billet family for the upcoming 2022-23' season please contact our Billeting Coordinator, Wendy Rausch |