At the minor hockey level, teams frequently take advantage of billeting for young players for tournaments and team exchanges. This is an affordable and beneficial experience for players. There are rewards in it for everyone. For the billet families, it means opening up their homes to young hockey players giving them an opportunity to share experiences within the billet family unit and for the player being billeted it is a chance to share different cultural and social experiences. For all of us, it is a time to make new friends, share ideas, laugh and live in a different family situation. Host families will also receive a monthly payment, up to $800, for hosting a billeted player. The billet program welcomes players from around Canada, USA, and internationally to the beautiful Okanagan. Players participate in a high-performance hockey academy while attending George Elliot Secondary School (GESS) and H.S Grenda Middle School. RINK Hockey Academy has a dedicated Billet Coordinator who facilitates the process of placing our athletes in a safe and supportive environment to live in during the school year (September-June). The billet coordinator also supports the billet family throughout the year, ensuring athletes maintain respect and abide by the guidelines set out by the RHA program.


Host families are expected to provide a safe, clean and healthy home for billeted players. Your role as a host is to be a mentor, friend and provide  a safe environment. Billeted families will be expected to report to a team coordinator on a monthly basis to discuss the players stay. Billeted players must be provided a private bedroom, and be incorporated as “part of the family” in a biletted home. Billet families are an important part of our program, offering a supportive family environment to the students. Billet families provide nutritious meals, a comfortable furnished bedroom students can call their own, and daily transportation in the morning and evening to the designated drop-off/pick-up locations. RINK provides shuttles from designated locations in West Kelowna, Kelowna, Lake Country, and Vernon.


There are certain expectations that a billeted player is required to uphold. When billeted in someone’s home, be polite and courteous at all times. Be considerate and offer your assistance to your host family. Follow any house rules but do not be afraid to speak with your coaches or parents if you are unsure about anything. Always keep your host family informed of your whereabout and movements. A curfew will be put in place, you may only attend functions that are permitted by your host family and organization.