Improving Student-Athletes Skills, Physical Readiness, and Mindset.


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In the competitive world of high-performance sports, the thin line between being good and great often hinges on mental performance. Grounded in evidence-based sport psychology principles, mental performance is a pivotal component of athlete development.

This entails a combination of essential athlete education, teaching developing athletes the best practices and principles used at the highest levels of sport, athlete wellness, developing tools for mental health, life skills, personal development, and management of chronic daily stressors, and performance optimization, mental skills to prepare, perform, and recover.

Using core mental skills such as goal setting, self-talk, routines, focus, mental agility, visualization, emotional management, and much more, the program aims to develop each individual’s mental skills with a set of tools they can use when they need them the most - when the pressure is on to perform in a critical moment.

The mental performance program adopts a versatile hybrid delivery approach, integrating in-person, online, and on-location components within both training and competitive settings, catering to both team and individual needs. The program is designed with a practical orientation, empowering athletes to construct their own applied mental performance tools rooted in scientifically-supported principles. Through team sessions, athletes gain proficiency in core foundational mental performance skills crucial for success in both sport and life. The program offers athletes the invaluable opportunity to interact with a Certified Mental Performance Consultant, providing support precisely when they need it.

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