Setting the Foundation for your Academic Future.

At the RINK Hockey Academy, education is approached with a comprehensive vision that extends far beyond the confines of traditional learning. The curriculum is designed to cultivate critical thinking, collaboration, perseverance, and communication skills within the framework of traditional subject areas. Students are active participants in their own intellectual growth, encouraged to question, analyze, and engage deeply with the material. Through dynamic teaching methods and interactive learning experiences, the academy fosters a culture of inquiry and exploration, empowering students to become lifelong learners equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

Central to RHA’s educational philosophy is the recognition that academic success is intrinsically linked to personal development and athletic achievement. With this in mind, the curriculum is tailored to meet the unique needs and aspirations of each student-athlete, providing a supportive learning track that accommodates a range of abilities and interests. Whether pursuing core subjects to build a solid foundation, challenging themselves with honors courses, or delving into the rigor of Advanced Placement (AP) classes, students have the flexibility to chart their own academic path while balancing the demands of their athletic training.


Min. GPA Required to Play


With 4.0 in 23/24


Avg. GPA of RHA Student-Athlete

The RHA student-athletes school day will be modified to allow maximum time for school and training needs. The teams will travel and compete mostly outside the province at the highest levels on both sides of the border during the full school year. A Shaftesbury High School appointed team liaison will ensure players meet standards and academic readiness for post secondary applications and career choices.

The partnership between RHA school and the Municipality of Lake Country provides facilities superior to those found in many larger high schools, boasting amenities such as a full community theatre, two gymnasiums, and a fitness centre. Despite the relatively small enrollment of 900 students, the staff is able to establish individual connections with students ranging from Grades 7 to 12. This distinctive blend renders the working relationship with the RINK Hockey Academy an ideal match.

Experience a Day in the Life of a Student-Athlete.

Hockey players and parents have long written off their winters to the grind of the season. A typical day in the life of an RHA student-athlete allows for their school, hockey and training to be completed during the day. With a varied schedule incorporating school and training throughout the day, players can expect to have all activities finished and completed by 5:00 p.m. daily.

Players will start their day early, with core high school classes offered in a customized curriculum to offer a shorter morning class in order to accommodate their educational needs in the half-day format. This class runs all year as opposed to the typical half-year class. They have three “regular” class times, followed by another custom class to end their school day.

Student-athletes will participate in classes throughout the morning or afternoon and travel to the ice rink after class depending on their schedule. Players will be on the bus daily and heading to the local arenas for their ice times. Student-athletes will be working with skill development coaches in position specific, small group sessions at RINK Training Centre and with their full teams and team coaches.

George Elliot Secondary School

RINK works primarily with George Elliot Secondary School in School District #23 (Central Okanagan Public Schools) for the education component of the RINK Hockey Academy.

George Elliot Secondary School is driven to the meet the need of our athletes, the B.C curriculum focusses on personalized learning opportunities based on a “Know-Do-Understand” model to support a concept-based competency-driven approach to learning for students.

George Elliot Secondary School has a proven track record of providing flexible and enriching academic programming for our high caliber hockey players. RINK is proud to work with GESS as we know they have our athletes best interest and will help them achieve their goals.

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H.S. Grenda Middle School

Ecole H.S Grenda Middle is the sister school of George Elliot Secondary School. RHA student-athletes up to grade 8 are enrolled here.

Ecole H.S Grenda is in its second year of operation in the Central Okanagan Public Schools. Ecole H.S Grenda offers athletes the opportunity to engage in curricular outcomes and support to meet the educational requirements set out by the Ministry of Education in British Columbia.

RINK is excited to work with Ecole H.S. Grenda and trust that they provide an educational experience that focuses on building strong communities, cultivating curious leaders while igniting passion in our RINK Hockey Academy athletes.

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