At RINK Hockey Academy, we believe in developing “Skills for Hockey and Values for Life”, so academics are of equal or even greater importance to hockey. Players at RHA attend George Elliott Secondary School, which according to the Fraser Institute is the highest ranked academy public high school in BC.

In addition to this, RHA employs a school liaison who works with the George Elliot counselor to assist players with their course selections, oversees players academics, and can assist with arranging teacher support to help players catch up with any school work that they miss while traveling to tournaments.


Our student athletes are on the ice almost every day. During the week, student athletes take part in structural practices and skill development sessions. Teams work closely with their respective program’s dedicated skills coach, as well as various other off ice seminars such as video work, mental training and nutrition.


Building Values For The Future

Hockey players and parents have long written off their winters to the grind of the season. A typical day in the life of an RHA student-athlete allows for their school, hockey and training to be completed during the day. With school in the mornings and training in the afternoon, players can expect to have all activities finished and completed by 4:00PM daily.


A Look Into The Life

The Academy's players are exposed to much more than just on-ice and off-ice sessions. Each day, every player, participates in two hours on-ice and one hour of off-ice training also has a one hour skills session.  Players are working on either shooting or stick handling and they are learning new aspects of the game.

Our players will start the day early, with either skills and workout, then two core school classes, ice, and finish the day. Ice and School alternate weekly. High school classes are offered in a customized curriculum to accommodate their educational needs in the half-day format. Classes are semster based and two classes are offered each semester.


Municipality of Lake Country

Our school’s partnership with the Municipality of Lake Country enables us to have facilities superior to many larger high schools, including a full community theatre, two gymnasiums, and a fitness centre. Yet, because of our relatively small enrollment (900 students), we as a staff, are able to get to know our students (Grades 7-12) individually. This unique combination makes our working relationship with the RINK Hockey Academy a perfect fit. 

George Elliott Secondary School has become a model for other schools in the Province because of some of its unique courses. Our “Healthy Lifestyles” program has been a huge success and has received tremendous support from the community.