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The RINK Hockey Academy represents an exclusive franchise within the CSSHL. We are a Hockey Canada Accredited School and run the entire school year, not just the hockey season. This gives student-athletes the opportunity to grow on and off the ice and sets us apart from others programs. Our program offers an integrated approach to individual development and physical care beyond team play, in an exceptional environment that breeds success.

We provide players around the world a choice for the future of their hockey development. Players who choose to attend the hockey academy do so knowing that they will receive the best on-ice, off-ice and educational services for their growth as a player and person.

Players practice four to five times weekly depending on their game schedule, with those games taking place in a weekend or showcase tournament format. An RHA student-athlete will be on the ice more, with more skill development, than any other player in British Columbia.



At RINK Hockey Academy, we believe in developing "Skills for Hockey and Values for Life," so academics are of equal or even greater importance to Hockey. Players at RHA attend George Elliott Secondary School, which according to the Fraser Institute is the highest ranked Academy public high school in BC.


RHA Kelowna student-athletes are exposed to a lot more than just on-ice and off-ice sessions. On a daily basis, every player, in addition to 2 hours on-ice and 1 hour of off-ice training also has a 1 hour skills session.


Our student athletes are on the ice every day. During the week, student athletes take part in structural practices and skill development sessions. Each team works closely with their respective program’s dedicated skills coach, as well as various other off ice seminars such as video work, mental training and nutrition.

One of the most memorable parts of playing RHA is the amount of travel each team gets to partake in each year. On average each team travels two weekends a month throughout the season which allows players and coaches to experience a level of camaraderie unseen at this age of hockey. Our teams not only get to travel and play top level competition from across North America but get to have numerous life experiences that help them grow outside the game of hockey.