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Potential is defined as “having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.” At the Pursuit of Excellence, we are committed to helping players achieve their fullest potential on and off the ice. We strive to bring out the best in every player athletically and academically while instilling core values that will help them in whatever endeavors they choose to pursue.

The Pursuit of Excellence Hockey Academy combines a very intense comprehensive hockey development program, a school with high academic excellence, participation in a very competitive minor hockey league, and an unparalleled training program for acquiring rock solid life skills and life values.

City of KelownaHockey players (age 12-17) from around the world come to Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada each September to spend 10 months participating in an unprecedented 1000 hours of hockey development training. The Academy achieves incredible results with players because it has the right blend of hockey development and game experience. (a practice to game ratio of approximately 10 to 1) The Academy fosters the ideal learning environment with no undue pressure placed on players to win, where the coaching staff is extremely positive and encouraging, and where the player’s self-esteem is more important than their scoring stats. The discipline, structure, inspiration and role modeling are in place every day to help maximize each player’s potential on and off the ice.

Aside from the ice time for games, the training ice time alone is the equivalent of 5 years of minor hockey in 1 year. The program, however, is still very affordable because the parents’ money (and the player’s time) is directed more toward additional ice time, specialized training such as sports psychology, nutrition, increased off-ice training, skill sessions, and towards educating players more about the game, rather than money being spent on airfare, hotels, and in restaurants which is normally associated with a long season of traveling to games and tournaments.


POE Community ServiceOf equal importance to the coaches at POE is the development of every player’s character and values. Pursuit players experience humility, gratitude, hard work and the importance of a team first attitude. During the course of the year, the team will spend time volunteering in different areas of the community as well as raising awareness for a variety of causes.

A Day in the Life

The Academy’s players are exposed to a lot more than just on-ice and off-ice sessions. On a daily basis, every player, in addition to 2 hours on-ice and 1 hour of off-ice training also has a 1 hour skills session. So, every day, players are working on either shooting or stick handling  and they are learning some new aspects of the game. It is not uncommon in our program for players to increase their slap shot speed by 17 mph in the first 3 months, or increase their sprint speed to a puck by 5 mph in the same time period. Imagine what these changes, even in 10 months, would do for your game.

A typical day at Pursuit can be seen in the schedule below:

7:30am-8:30am: Skills session (shooting, stick handling, passing, etc.)
OR Classroom (game video analysis, nutrition, etc.)
9:00am-12:00pm: School
1:10pm-3:20pm: On Ice Practice
4:00pm-5:00pm: Off Ice (strength, conditioning, agility, etc.)

Education for Student-Athletes

At Pursuit of Excellence, we believe in developing "Skills for Hockey and Values for Life", so Academics are of equal or even greater importance to Hockey. Players at POE attend George Elliott Secondary School, which according to the Fraser Institute is the highest ranked Academy public high school in BC. 

You can see the rankings here

In addition to this, POE employs a School Liaison who works with the George Elliot Counsellor to assist players with their course selections, oversees players academics, and can assist with arranging teacher support to help players catch up with any school work that they miss while travelling to tournaments.

A Word from the Principal

Prospective Parents,

The reputation the Pursuit of Excellence Hockey Academy has acquired over several years with respect to developing extremely fast skating, highly skilled hockey players in Canada and around the world is no secret. As principal of George Elliott Secondary School, I am excited about the opportunity we have, as a school with a reputation of equal excellence, to provide the academic component for the Pursuit of Excellence program. The Academy’s philosophy that schooling is the Number One priority makes it easy to provide a high standard of education for each athlete regardless of their academic ability or what country they come from.

Pursuit of Excellence Academic

Our school’s partnership with the Municipality of Lake Country enables us to have facilities far greater than many larger high schools, including a full community theatre, two gymnasiums, and a fitness centre. Yet, because of our relatively small enrolment (900 students), we as a staff, are able to get to know our students (Grades 7-12) on an individual basis. This unique combination makes our working relationship with the POE Academy a perfect fit.

George Elliott Secondary School has become a model for other schools in the Province because of some of its unique courses. Our “Healthy Lifestyles” program has been a huge success and has received tremendous support from the community. 

GESSWe look forward to working with your son or daughter in what is sure to be one of the most positive experiences of their life time!

The RINK Player Development is revolutionary hockey training focusing on skill development.

With our small group training players will get more correctional feedback, more touches of the puck, more shots, more repetition, develop faster reaction time and will see more improvement in their game.

Skill specific training is done throughout the season alongisde the RINK’s professional staff. With skill development as a primary objective, full ice practices can work on individual, team tactics and team play while position specific skills are developed in small group practices.

Skill Development will be highlighted by:

Power Skating – Players will work with the premier skating coaches in Manitoba on developing their stride. Players will learn to use their edges and proper technique to become more powerful and efficient skaters.

Shooting – To shoot harder and more accurately players require the proper technique and repetition.  In a shooting class with The RINK players will shoot more pucks in one session than they would through half a season.  Coaches will tweak their shooting technique and explain why they are making those changes to players can understand.  Shooting includes topics such as receiving the puck and positioning, quick release shooting, shooting in stride, wrist shots, slap shots, backhands, and more.

Passing & Individual Skills – Stick handling and passing are major skills often overlooked early in seasons.  In order to practice a breakout, power play, regroup or any other tactical skill, your players need to have the individual skills in order to execute those plays.  By raising the level of the individual skills of the players, we can allow for our team coaches to practice at a higher level and faster pace required to translate practice to game scenarios.

When working with a goaltending client, our emphasis is to work within the confines of each client’s approach…regardless of “style”. While there are fundamentals that must be instilled in any approach, and at all levels of play, our team at RINK Goalie Development believes in working within the context of the specific athlete’s game.

Why do we take this approach?

Goaltending style is a journey.

As a goaltending athlete progresses through a career, countless unique experiences are implanted upon this player’s mind. Through these experiences, the goaltender begins to build an approach. This approach combines these experiences with core fundamentals and the individual’s distinct strengths and limitations.

Goalie development is an often overlooked aspect on even high level teams. The goalies of RHA will work with RINK Goalie Development who have established themselves as the choice of Manitoba’s elite goaltenders. Ryan Cyr and Dan Ferguson, Owner and Manager of RINK Goalie Development respectively, will oversee goaltender development for all Academy goaltenders. This will include a coach working with goaltenders during teams tactical sessions as well as working privately and providing mentorship.

Off-Ice Training

Aspire Fitness | Kelowna

Crave Fitness | Kelowna

Training House | Vernon

On-Ice Training

Off-Ice Training